Virtually unlimited architectural glass varieties: back-painted, colored, etched, patterned, textured, mirrored, decorative, laminated, channel glass

Discover A Completely New Type of Highly Detailed Architectural Glass!

Over 30 Decorative Glass Designs immediately available or we produce your own design

Now you can discover an exciting new world of privacy glass made possible by our revolutionary patent pending system and consider a new way to create bold spaces by using our new type of decorative glass. You shall no longer be limited to the standard selection of commonly used, mass produced, patterned glass and may be free to experiment with your own design creativity. For use in all applications. Samples supplied by request.



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We, at Objects in Glass, have spent the last six years researching and developing a unique new system that allows individual textured and patterned glass designs to be produced by a lamination process. Short run obscure and patterned glass is normally manufactured using a high energy use slumping method, but we have invented a radically new approach which greatly reduces manufacturing time and energy. In addition to this our system allows for enhanced detailing of new and intricate patterns and the glass sheet comes toughened and laminated as standard.

We are therefore proud to announce the launch of our brand new subsidiary company: Form3D Glass – to showcase these amazing new products in culmination of the years spent in R&D exploring alternative ways of creating decorative glass panels. Form3D Glass opens up a brand new avenue for high quality, fine-detailed, textured and decorative glass – giving architects and interior designers the ability to create bespoke one off designs at a reasonable price. And this for virtually all applications where obscure glass is required.

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Looking for something different? Then why not work with us to create a one off glass design.

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Form3D Glass uses are comparable to that of regular sheet glass: Find out more.


Why our glass is different and improved

Form3D Glass creates finely detailed decorative glass sheets that offer a great advantage to that of slumped, standard textured or obscure glass. This is because we incorporate excellent 3D detail that will be viewed through one totally flat surface which is easy to clean – just as a standard glass sheet would be. The reverse side may also be enclosed with a flat sheet, if required – perfect for application of double glazed windows, etc. Table tops, reception desk fronts and wall cladding – all of which require the need for durability and easy clean properties will also have a perfectly flat front surface but may appear deeply 3 dimensional. So, for example, the sheet may have the rugged look of a
broken rock surface covered with gravel yet be totally flat to the touch and to clean.

All of our glass is toughened and laminated so it can be used for virtually any application. Our glass will always be rated as follows: BS EN 12150, BS EN 14448 with the added option of EN 14179 if required.

Form3D’s unique way of approaching every project individually, means that you’ll always get 100% personal attention from one of our glass design experts to help you achieve the amazing results you’re looking for. We can supply large samples and technical information, where required, and we can assist you in a start to finish service encompassing initial design phase right through to execution and delivery – including installation (if required).

Form3D Glass also offers you the unique option of bespoke design, with assistance from our experts, your own personalised 3D textured glass artforms and patterns. Your personal designs can also be protected under copyright to ensure exclusivity.

It is very difficult to capture the remarkable 3D look of our glass using a photograph and we recommend a visit to our new factory showroom where you can view large samples of all our designs and properly assess the potential of our new glass production system. We shall be pleased to fully discuss your upcoming projects so that our experts can assist in making your glass design a reality. Our aim is to provide greatest care in all the detailing of the design so that you can be assured of an exceptionally good finished product at an excellent square meter rate.

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